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Hi All! Just an update after going to the cardiologist recently. My pressures are currently sitting at around 65mmHg which is up from my previous visit, but my heart is coping well. I am still waiting for new medication that we have applied for nearly 4 months ago – there’s some major red tape to import medication not registered in South Africa, but God-willing we will get there soon.

After experiencing such wonderful improvements in my body since starting on glyconutrients and whole-food supplements I was expecting a drop in my pressures, but the reality is that it is still early days in the land of complementary medicine. I recently read a fascinating book by Dr Steve Nugent called “The Missing Nutrients” where he goes on to explain how glyconutrients behave in the body and points out that different cells regenerate at vastly different rates. The cells that are major culprits in Pulmonary Hypertension for example (endothelial cells) can take many months, up to years to renew which means that glyconutrients need to be a part of my everyday life, and in high enough quantities, to start the healing process when the time comes. I am still so excited about the wonderful nutrients I am putting in my body daily, because I can see the difference in so many obvious ways. I no longer suffer from debilitating chronic fatigue, my eczema is gone and I am almost entirely pain-free after two years of chronic sciatica – this stuff works!

Even if glyconutrients don’t cause a complete turnaround in my Pulmonary Hypertension, at the very least it will minimise side-effects from chronic medication, assist the drugs to perform better in my body, and support my overall health. This in itself is good enough to make these supplements a lifelong health partner.

For anyone reading this who is battling with a major health challenge or knows someone who is – please be encouraged that there is hope! Please mail me at  if you want to know more or would like to hear more testimonies of people who have had lifechanging results – I have over 150 amazing personal stories on file that I will gladly share with you!

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